"Passionate Suijiang · Carnival Summer"



  The "Passionate Suijiang Carnival Summer" 2020 Suijiang "Good Singing" singing competition hosted by Suijiang County Culture and Tourism Bureau, Suijiang County Jinsha Water Park and Melody Culture Communication Co., Ltd. will start at Jinsha Water Park in Suijiang County , you can register now!

  Application period: August 8 to August 18, 2020

  Registration address: Suijiang County Jinsha Water Park Tourist Service Center or on-site

  Registration Hotline: 0870-7626000

  Contact: Luo Ji 13354978675

  Registration requirements

  1. Anyone who loves singing, from 12 to 60 years old, regardless of gender, can sign up for the competition.

  2. Contestants can participate alone, or in chorus or group form.

  3. Contestants should bring their own costumes, props and accompaniment.

  4. There is no limit to the singing type and style of the competition, and the contestants can choose freely.

  5. The registration fee for the audition is 10 yuan per person, which is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Auditions begin on August 15.

  6. Participants must pay a 100 yuan participation deposit after entering the semi-finals. It will be refunded after participating in all individual competitions. Participants who automatically withdraw in the middle will not be refunded.



  Competition prize setting:

  1st champion: 10,000 yuan bonus and certificate trophy

  1st runner-up: 5,000 yuan bonus and certificate trophy

  1st runner-up: 3,000 yuan bonus and certificate trophy

  Entering the finals will win the Excellence Award: 500 yuan bonus

  The competition also has awards for the best singing, the most beautiful shape, the sweetest voice, the best typhoon, the best talent, the best partner, and the best popularity.

  Attention! Affected by the construction of Jinjiang Ancient City (temporary parking lot behind Jinsha Water Park), the road from District C and District B to Jinsha Water Park will be closed. Citizens and tourists who go to Jinsha Water Park should detour from the direction of Juma Wharf to Jinsha Water Park Scenic Spot. Vehicles should stop along the Longhu Road (middle section) from the Juma Wharf to Jinsha Water Park in the direction of the road.



  Scenic hotline: 0870-7626000

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