"Songs from the Jinsha River"



  Sponsored by the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Suijiang County, "Songs from the Jinsha River" organized by the Cultural Center of Suijiang County and Jinsha Water Park of Suijiang County, the 2nd Jinsha River Music Festival in Suijiang County - Suijiang "Good Song" Competition The competition is about to start at Jinsha Water Park in Suijiang County, you can register now!

  The competition will start the preliminary round at Jinsha Water Park in Suijiang County on the evening of September 19 (Sunday). The semi-finals will be held on September 25 (Saturday), and the finals will be held on October 1. Everyone is welcome to register and participate.

  This will be a wonderful game you can't miss!!

  Organizer: Suijiang County Culture and Tourism Bureau

  Organizer: Suijiang County Cultural Center

  Suijiang County Jinsha Water Park

  Application period: September 9 to September 17, 2021

  Registration address: Jinsha Water Park, Suijiang County

  Registration Hotline: 0870-7626000

  Contact: Li Yuanlin 15752430013

  Registration requirements

  1. Anyone who loves to sing from the age of 8 to 65, regardless of gender, can sign up for the competition.

  2. Contestants can participate alone, or in chorus or group form.

  3. Contestants can sing in masks. Contestants need to bring their own costumes, masks and song accompaniment.

  4. There are no restrictions on the type and style of singing in the competition, but the content of the songs must be positive.



  There are more wonderful performances waiting for you to come and taste!

  Competition prize setting:

  There will be 1 champion (reward certificate and cash), 1st runner-up (reward certificate and cash), 1st runner-up (reward certificate and cash), 5 excellence awards (reward certificate and cash), and 1 best popularity award (reward certificate and cash). cash).


  Scenic hotline: 0870-7626000

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