Park performance





  October 1-7: 16:00 pm every day

  From October 8th: every Saturday at 15:00

  "The Legend of the Mermaid" live performance

  Shocking performance!



  【Introduction】A long time ago, people, monsters and mermaids lived on the banks of the Jinsha River. The demon clan is powerful and the cannibal clan is weak, but their biggest nemesis is the mermaid. The patriarch of the human race was frightened when he saw the countless casualties of his own people, so he went to seek the help of the mermaid and returned the human race to peace. On this day, the day when the human race went on a tour, the leader of the demon clan and the little demons came out to harm the human race again...





  Autumn is cool,

  It's a good time to go out and play. How about the National Day holiday? Jinsha Water Park can help you arrange it clearly!



  During the National Day, in addition to the live performance of "The Legend of the Mermaid" at 16:00 every afternoon, there will be wonderful singing and dancing, magic, face-changing and other programs at 19:30 every night...

  A list of National Day activities at Sands Water Park! October 1

  19:30: The 2nd Jinsha River Music Festival - Suijiang "Good Singing" Competition Final

  October 2

  19:30: Hot dance performance by Yibin Female Dance Troupe

  October 3

  19:30: Magic and intangible cultural heritage face-changing performance

  The final of the 2nd Suijiang "Good Singing" Contest (the scene of the 1st Good Singing Final)

  Yibin Women's Dance Troupe

  Magic and intangible cultural heritage face-changing performance





  In addition to the "new faces", the "old acquaintances" of the water park will not be absent!

  Chinese stunt water skiing team performance

  Funny Clown Parade





  Exciting water entertainment



  yacht sightseeing boat



  water dragon






  hot air balloon



  water parachute



  big water crossing

  A variety of garden games







  Various specialties













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