2021 National Wakeboard Championships

  From December 17th to December 19th, the 2021 National Waterskiing Championships sponsored by the Water Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sports of Nearly 100 top players with superb skills from 18 teams from Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places participated. The Yunnan Suijiang team won 4 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 4 bronze medals in the competition with excellent performance.








  List of awards for the Suijiang team in Yunnan

  Champion list:

  Female barefoot: Wang Mengyao

  Man jumping: Deng Junkai

  Stunt Jump: Zhu Yinglong, Deng Junkai, Peng Fengzhu

  Double skills: Zhou Xuanlin, Yi partner Wu Jiamo


  Men's Maneuver: Lei Dongsheng

  Stunt Jump: Luo Chencheng, Lei Dongsheng, Meng Zhuoxuan

  Double Skills: Luo Chencheng, Peng Fengzhu

  Men's all-around: Lei Dongsheng

  2nd place in the wake group

  2nd place in three teams


  Women's bare feet: Meng Zhuoxuan, Xiang Qianying

  Men's Jump: Lei Dongsheng

  Double Skills: Tang Jichen, Peng Fengjiao

  Women's Swing: Wang Mengyao

  It is reported that the event consists of two major events: tugboat water skiing and wake surfing, and 14 events including tricks, slalom, jumping, and wake waves. The participating athletes chop the waves and present a wonderful visual feast on the water for the audience. .












  good news!

  The champion team - China Aerobatic Water Skiing Team

  Have been in Jinsha Water Park for a long time

  Carry out water skiing training and performances!!

  Every Saturday at 15:00

  There is also a live performance of "The Legend of the Mermaid"

  Shocking performance!

  Come and see the championship team style!



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