Jinsha River Water Park BBQ



  The sun is shining and the wind is bright. Now is a good time to come to Suijiang Jinsha Water Park. You can also have a barbecue while visiting the scenery of the river, which will be more enjoyable. In this spring, Jinsha Water Park has opened up a seafood barbecue area. In your spare time, you can meet three or five friends and come to Jinsha Water Park for barbecue!

  On the weekend of freeing myself, the most special taste began to spread, and the most exciting thing was the barbecue. Thousands of years of inheritance have developed to today, and it is not just as simple as bamboo skewers and meat. Hundreds of ways to grill have been invented, such as the now-popular tinfoil grill.

  Special tinfoil barbecue



  Food baked with foil will be more delicious and juicy. The shiny surface of the tin foil wraps the food, and when grilling, the heat will evenly penetrate into every detail of the food, and it will be slowly roasted and matured. The prepared sauce is continuously fermented at high temperature, swaying, and the tangy aroma breaks through the package and reaches the tip of the tongue, tempting the taste buds.



  The rich soup is strictly guarded, which is the function of the tin foil, which also makes the food more fully absorbed and delicious, and the taste is more mellow.



  Not only that, the thermal insulation effect of tin foil is also very effective. Temperature is just as important to food as it is to ingredients. Especially in this cold winter, opening a tinfoil barbecue, the steaming aroma is fragrant, and the deliciousness that melts in the mouth is the most effective comfort in the day.

  The aroma of baking, the beautiful environment, everything is addicting.

  Forwarding the WeChat circle to buy tickets to enter the park will receive a voucher of 40 yuan. The voucher can be deducted for all consumption in the park.

  Now you can book, the rental of grass hut barbecue: 50 yuan/room, the rent of mahjong barbecue house: 100 yuan/room, the rental of characteristic wooden house: 200 yuan/room, more delicious food is waiting for you to taste!

  Reservation Tel: 139 8712 8000

  Scenic hotline: 0870-7626000

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