Civilized Tourism Volunteer Service Activities




  Spring is blooming and the sun is shining

  Suijiang Jinsha Water Park Scenic Area

  Ushered in the peak of spring outing

  To advocate civilized tourism

  Create a harmonious environment

  Scenic spot opened

  Civilized tourism volunteer service activities

  at the visitor center

  Ticket office, admission office, etc.

  Provide tourist information consultation for tourists

  Free access to travel information and other services







  At the entrance of the Jinsha Water Park Scenic Spot, you can see many publicity notices and materials to persuade civilized tours of the park, and set up civilized tourism notice boards and public service advertisements.



  At the same time, volunteers are arranged to remind visitors to take epidemic prevention measures, and guide them to keep order, pay attention to hygiene, and take care of the environment.



  Volunteers in the scenic spot are enthusiastic to give explanations for the visiting masses. The security personnel of the park regularly patrol, guide and guide the tourists, and they will come forward to dissuade them when they see uncivilized behavior.

  Civilized tourism

  Requires multi-stakeholder participation

  common maintenance

  Guide and promote the continuous development of civilized habits

  Let civilized tourism become popular in the whole society