Hot Summer | Go to Sands Water Park

  Where to go for fun and vacation in summer?

  Come to Sands Water Park to be happy!


  A big wave of promotions is coming!

  Leisure time can not live up to

  Hurry up and make an appointment with your partner!!!



  Free admission

  "Online reservation, free admission"

  During the event, visitors can enter the park free of charge after checking with the reservation QR code at the ticket office through online reservation tickets! (Note: seniors over 70 years old and children under 7 years old can enter the park without reservation)



  Wedding free venue fee

  "Wedding venue, free to use"

  In this event, we have a special offer

  For weddings at Jinsha Water Park, the venue fee is 5,000 yuan free!

  Love the Jinsha River, a romantic island of love! The lawn wedding at the Jinsha Water Park is open! There are light meals, red wine, hot dishes, and western-style pastries here, so that relatives, friends and the mother river Jinsha River will witness an unforgettable love!




  Group discount

  "Six people in a group, great discounts"

  During the event, it is more favorable for tourists to book a group of 6 people! A group of 6 people can get a 10 yuan voucher! After entering the park, any consumption item can be used!



  * * * Banana Boat * * *



  * * * yacht sightseeing boat * * *



  * * * water dragon * * *



  * * * motor boat * * *



  * * * hot air balloon * * *



  * * * water parachute * * *



  * * * Kayak * * *



  * * * sail boat * * *



  * * * A collection of some projects * * *

  Sands Specialty Food Street





  In the water park specialty food street, you can also taste special food from all over the world.