Hot summer, where to go to escape the heat?

  Hot summer, where to go to escape the heat?

  Come and have fun at Sands Water Park!

  Great news!!!

  Great show coming this weekend!

  Hurry up and invite your partner to have a feast for the eyes!!!



  1. Fantastic performance!

  Fabulous acrobatic performance

  Gives a refreshing visual impact!

  Make your heart beat faster and be amazed!

  Melodious singing, soft dancing, and "beautiful" Jinjiang night!









  2. Night market, night market! Barbecue skewers, fire-grilled squid, Changsha stinky tofu biscuits, grilled glutinous rice skin, ice powder... The gourmet snacks from all over the world will make you feast on your mouth! All kinds of small commodities are dazzling!











  3. Thrilling water entertainment projects!

  Yachts, speedboats, motor boats,

  Thrilling water entertainment projects such as kayaking, water parachutes, hot air balloons, water dragons, banana boats are waiting for you to experience!



  4. Free admission

  Tourists book tickets online,

  After checking with the reservation QR code at the ticket office, you can enter the park for free! (Note: Seniors over 70 years old and children under 7 years old can enter the park without reservation)



  this weekend,

  A thrilling acrobatic show,

  An unprecedented visual feast,

  A thrilling fantasy journey,

  A collection of super powerful benefits,

  All in Sands Water Park!

  More exciting things are waiting for you to come and watch!