Weekend highlights



  In a blink of an eye, it's another exciting weekend. Highlight! Highlight! There are many exciting new programs at Sands Water Park this weekend!



  Do you want to see the handsome little brother and the beautiful little sister singing and dancing?

  Do you want to see a fantastic and cool magic show?

  Do you want to see the "Monkey King" havoc in the Heavenly Palace?



  Then follow me

  Take a walk, take a look, turn around the water park, and then polish your eyes

  Let's wait and see!

  01 Performance time of Jinjiang Art Troupe: This Friday (July 1) 19:30





  Bright and dazzling lights shine!

  The classic song is playing!

  Gentle melody, graceful dance

  Repeatedly high-pitched, cheering again and again

  Let's ignite the atmosphere together!

  02 Magic show time: This Saturday (July 2) 19:30

  Fantastic magic show

  Gives a refreshing visual impact!

  Make your heart beat faster and be amazed!

  03 "Monkey King" performance time: this Sunday (July 3) 19:30

  The Monkey King who has been swiping countless times on TV,

  Finally got a chance to see the real face in reality!

  The actor's difficult movements and skills will surely make you

  Don't take your eyes off, clap your hands and applaud!

  04 Night market, night market every day







  BBQ Meat Skewers, Fire-grilled Squid, Changsha Stinky Tofu

  Shaobing, roasted glutinous rice, ice powder...

  The gourmet snacks from all over the world will make you feast on your mouth!

  All kinds of small commodities are dazzling, let you find the treasure you want!

  05Water entertainment every day every day



  Yachts, speedboats, motor boats, kayaks,

  The thrilling water entertainment projects such as water parachutes, hot air balloons, water dragons, banana boats, etc. all make you hopelessly happy! Exciting to scream! Scream!

  Free admission

  Tourists book tickets online,

  After checking with the reservation QR code at the ticket office, you can enter the park for free! (You need to buy a 10 yuan voucher for the night show) (Note: Seniors over 70 years old and children under 7 years old can enter the park without reservation)



  Hot summer!

  Come to Jinsha Water Park for a hearty and refreshing journey! Splashes of water and waves make people laugh and bloom! Eliminate the heat of summer! Let you not think about the "summer", and the fun is unlimited!