The heat wave is coming

  What goes well with the heat

  Beer, Food, Games

  not one less



  Sands Water Park

  Fenghuaxueyue Beer Carnival

  On July 30th, we invite you to escape from the air-conditioned room and bid farewell to the end of the house!

  Event Location

  Sands Water Park Park

  Activity time

  July 30, 2022 (Saturday) starts at 19:00

  Are You Ready?

  Let's Go !!!



  At 7:30, the host came on stage and started the lottery with the table number, and 5 bottles of Fenghuaxueyue beer were given away. Spend over 48 yuan to get 5 bottles, spend 88 yuan to get 8 bottles (plus one snack), spend 108 yuan to get 10 bottles (plus two snacks)



  cool music

  Classic old songs, pop hits, and DJ hits bombard your eardrums in turn

  Wave after wave, until your whole body feels numb and comfortable

  Shake your head wildly with the dynamic electronic beat

  Pick up the microphone and become the protagonist in the center of the dance floor

  Let go of dancing, let go of your body, let go of playing!





  Beer Hip-hop Carnival







  There will also be set

  Song Guessing Contest

  Chinese Xiaoqu library~

  Come and participate!





  Happy clinking glasses, double the happiness

  With food, music, new and old friends, and a happy meeting place

  Late-night carnival, how can we be without Fenghuaxueyue beer?

  The aroma of alcohol and malt

  Enjoy a drink with friends

  The air is full of beer



  Cold and smooth beer that slowly slides down your throat

  Restless mind and body mixed with alcohol

  Immediately relieve heat and irritability with one bite

  Clink Chongqing Beer

  Double the joy!



  Field setup

  The brave are invincible, roll the dice, guess the song name and give you a beer

  waiting for you to challenge

  Free participation in activities and gifts





  All kinds of games are fun



  Make an appointment with friends,

  Keep up the rhythm,

  Let's have a "hi beer" summer together!

  Collide with the passion that belongs to this summer!

  In the hot summer, drinking beer and eating skewers

  Looking at the scenery and chatting~

  nice summer