The 3rd Jinsha River Music Festival, the "Masked King of Singers" Competition of Suijiang Good Singing, is coming!



  Mask cover, pure music!

  No matter how deep the disguise,

  But it can't hide the charm of the voice!

  "Masked King of Singers" Contest of Suijiang Good Singing

  Coming soon!



  It's a quiz about masks and music,

  A unique voice is the best self-introduction.

  When the melodious melody played,

  When the masked singer spoke,

  Can you still hear his voice?



  If you are willing to show your style,

  Sincerely invite you to bring music and masks to the appointment,

  This is not only an opportunity to display personal talents and amaze the four,

  It is also a good platform for making friends!

  Registration Instructions

  1. Anyone who loves to sing from the age of 8 to 65, regardless of gender, can sign up for the competition.

  2. Contestants can participate alone, or in chorus or group form.

  3. In this competition, the contestants will sing in masks. Participants are requested to bring their own performance costumes and accompaniment. The masks will be provided by Jinsha Water Park or the contestants will bring their own.

  4. There are no restrictions on the type and style of singing in the competition, but the content of the songs must be positive.

  ways of registration

  1. Registration period: July 20-31, 2022

  2. Registration place: Jinsha Water Park, Suijiang County

  3. Contact person and contact number

  Ling Yutao: 18487291586

  Landline: 0870-7626000

  Competition system arrangement

  The competition is divided into three stages: preliminary, semi-final and final.

  Preliminary round: From August 1st, the competition will be held every Friday to Sunday, the top 4 players will be selected to enter the semi-finals, and the weekly champion will be selected.

  Rematch: August 19-20, 2022

  Final: August 21, 2022

  prize settings

  In this competition, there will be 1 champion, 1 second runner-up, 1 third runner-up, 1 weekly champion, and 5 excellence awards.

  Champion: trophy, certificate and generous bonus

  Runner-up: trophy, certificate and generous prize money

  2nd runner-up: trophy, certificate and generous bonus

  Champion of the Week: Generous Prize

  Excellence Award: Certificate of Award and generous bonus



  Don't fight for appearance, only fight for strength

  It's just a pure contest between good voices!

  put on your mask

  Show your voice

  Come on!