—— Scenic Spot Overview ——

Suijiang Jinsha Water Park is located in the middle of Longhu Road in the urban area of ​​Suijiang County. The project occupies a land area of ​​12.45 mu, a water area of ​​65 mu, and an available water area of ​​2,000 mu. Relying on the abundant water resources of the Jinsha River, the park is based on the rich water resources of the Jinsha River, with hydrophilic leisure and entertainment as the core, and rich water entertainment projects as the highlights. Complex. It is the world's first and largest special-shaped floating tourism complex project.

The water park is mainly divided into four areas: tourist service area, entertainment and leisure area, water sports area, and special dining area. There are a number of international mainstream boutique projects in each area, such as: water dragons, water parachutes, motor boats, rapid surfing, banana assault boats, kayaking, leisure sightseeing yachts and other sports.

At present, the Chinese stunt water skiing team has settled in Suijiang, and they will bring us more difficult, professional and highly ornamental water sports performances at Jinsha Water Park. "The Chinese aerobatic water skiing team is a professional sports team directly managed by the Water Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China, the China Waterskiing Association, and the China Motorboat Association. Art water skiing, water dragons, sailing, windsurfing, water ballet, dragon boat and other stunt water sports have performed well in international and domestic competitions and artistic water skiing performances, and have been awarded the leadership of the Water Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration for many times. And high praise and affirmation from domestic and foreign counterparts.”

Since 2000, the Chinese aerobatic water skiing team has represented the country in participating in international events such as the China-US Waterskiing Star Competition, the China-US-Australia Waterskiing Star Competition, the World Championships, the World Cup, and the World Games, winning 4 world champions and 2 runners-up. , 3 third places, 41 Asian champions, and 134 national champions. A total of 9 international athletes and 23 athletes have been trained. Created two world Guinness records for wake-skiing and multi-person 360° around the boat.

Here, you can enjoy the infinite thrill of the waves; you can enjoy the leisure and romance of the seaside style; you can feel the wonderful fun of roaming in the river at any time; and you can enjoy the exciting and exciting performances. The large play space, high-quality supporting facilities, fresh and pleasant environment, considerate and high-quality services, wonderful global exclusive, let you experience water fun and play in the water world!


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